Create a cool and engaging environment - lighting is the key

Pro Lighting & Effects

Dazzle Lite Package

Suitable for 30-70 people - small venues and private residences

2 x Disco Lights
2 x LED Parcans
1 x Stand
Cables & Leads Incl.

Lighting Ensemble003


Dazzle Package

Suitable for 70-100 people and moderate sized venues, marquees etc.

4 x Disco Lights
4 x LED Parcans
2 x Stands
Cables & Leads Incl.

Lighting Ensemble002


Dazzle Plus Package

Suitable for 100-150 people, large sized venues

4 x Disco Lights
2 x 4-Bar LED Lights

Lighting Ensemble004


Ambient Room Lighting Package

Suitable for indoor use to walls walls with colour

4 x LED Parcans - Floor mounted

Lighting Ensemble001


Custom Gobo Projector

Project your name or logo onto interior wall or ceiling

1 x Gobo Projector
1 x Design & Supply of Gobo included
Incl. Stand or hook clamp

Martin PR-1 sml160x160


Delivery & Installation of lights additional to price shown - please inquire. All lighting packages include leads, cables and extensions.